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Business Credit Cards

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A business credit card is a payment card for products and services with monthly payments and interest charges. These payment cards are issued by financial issuers or lenders such as banks and stores used by the business rather than an individual to purchase. Business credit cards are probably the most popular method of payment today. It is used for all business types and sizes including startup businesses to build and improve on credit statuses for future borrowing purposes. Business credit cards for bad credit or startup business credit cards with no credit can be applied for at just about any bank under simple terms and conditions. They are also easier to apply and approve for than once-off business loans. 

How does a Business Credit Card Work?

During the credit card application process, the lending institution or bank will run an analysis of the business’s credit history and payment behavior to make a decision based on the business profile’s credit score. A business credit card can be used for keeping business and personal expenses separate. Because the debt is most often unsecured, business credit cards have a higher interest rate than credit cards and loans because lender funds are at risk. A business credit card balance transfer usually occurs when these businesses are paying a high-interest rate to save money on interest charges. 


Benefits of obtaining a Business Credit Card:

The benefits of obtaining a business credit card will help to manage expenses efficiently as well as increase future business savings. Because your business credit card is a line of credit, it helps you make immediate purchases and create a cash flow for your company. Another benefit is also tracking employee expenses on your business card that only bills you once for all their expenses. This type of benefit is offered with the Capital One Business Credit Card. Business credit cards often come with purchase protection which helps with your business rewards and account management for tax purposes and bookkeeping.

Why are Business Credit Cards a Must-Have?

Business Credit Cards are a must-have for the long-term profitability of your business, it is highly essential that you consider applying for a business credit card. It ensures that you can still make purchases and pay expenses when you do not have the hard cash to pay for them. Without a business credit card, you are simply lost without a credit line. Credit cards like the Chase business credit card and the Paypal business credit card offer points and rewards after spending a specific amount on purchases. The Wells Fargo secured business credit card, specifically allows cardholders to earn 1.5% cashback for every $1 spent on certain qualifying purchases.

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